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3 min readMay 19, 2019

The team is a Guernsey-based Fintech company. In the Collective, as in the ecosystem there is a certain amount of goods. The heart of the ecosystem is a social management company dedicated to the most incubation and management of Initial Token. CDEX, a fully functioning mass decentralized bazaar for Ethereum based tokens, is also presented.

Next comes the centralized exchange TraderOne. TraderOne will become a reliable trading platform for trading all kinds of digital assets. The team is still happy to assume for you the game CollectiveGO. Collectively, this is a skill of augmented reality based on their native token and is monetized through all sorts of advertisers of digital monetary units. In the end, the creators proudly announce the intentions of a collective mass initiative.

The collective global initiative embraces all core values ​​of developers, while providing creative ways to unite the economy of a concert, create best practices for the entire industry, and protect team communities, providing reliable outlets for everyone in a crypto space.

The project proposes the Community Development Token (CDEX) as part of the developers’ efforts to finance and develop the initiatives mentioned above, as well as future efforts.

With a unique team experience and ecosystem, as well as through strategic partnerships the project can provide, The Collective is the most complete solution for launching a successful initial token offer.

This article explains the architecture of the above products, details the initial token offer, and ends with a roadmap and a team review.

Project mission

The team is the voice of the people. It is you and I, and we together intend to help shape the future of good projects and the blockchain space by providing everyone with a platform to be heard. Bring us your projects that you love. Bring us your ideas, your hard work and your amazing team. Become part of a family of projects that raise each other. No project alone can hope to achieve mass adoption, but by combining for a common purpose, with a growing list of useful ideas created on the blockchain, we can achieve anything.

Introduction to the Collective Community. Management Company

The team offers you professional community management services. This is the basis of a minimally viable product. Developers receive income from several quality cryptocurrency companies with a team of more than 50 dedicated members. The Collective is a very responsive team of independent members who provide a wide range of content and community support during ITO to create awareness and give answers to potential supporters. They will provide clients with recommendations on strategies, partnerships, influences and other factors vital for the implementation of a successful community-controlled blockchain.

Project promise

Developers are committed to providing high quality services. An oversensitive and diverse level of support, education, community development and interaction across multiple media channels. The project team informs its clients about the latest market news. Their services are adapted to any customer requirements.


The project offers a wide range of services to its customers.

Community development: community development is essential for a blockchain-based company today. The team provides multiplatform, round-the-clock support and management. Awareness of social networks: The Collective increases the company’s social networks reachthroughconsistent, informativecontentstreams.

Contests and Promo : The team has extensive experience in managing contests, rewards programs, parties and other viral promotional opportunities. White Paper Development: White papers are an important element about the company’s vision and vision. The team offers white paper services including a review of existing ones on the new creation.

Crypto Expertise : As a group of crypto enthusiasts, our team can provide support at all levels of the user. The team stays ahead of the curve, keeping up to date with all major industry trends and tools. First-line support: A collective team is the first line of support for your company, allowing your team to focus on your results.

Network Influencer : The team maintains relationships with industry-leading voices that provide customers with access to this network of proven influential individuals with predetermined price benefits.

Road map

ICO details

Token name: CDEX;

SoftCap: 2.000.000 USD;

Token platform: ERC-20;

Token cost: 1 CDEX = 0.01 USD.

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