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We dream of a better future and try to manifest it. Our dream is devoid of inequality, injustice, and malnutrition, and is built on the sustainable use of natural resources. We want to give every individual a place in a new worldwide economy of the future, one that is more local, less hectic, and happier overall. We will consume less and differently, fixating not on economic growth, but on sustainable development and prosperity. We will not strive for more, but for better.

We are not looking for a utopian economy, but an economy that takes into account all dimensions of its people: the social, ecological and economic realms. Following the recommendations of many scientific and policy reports, we look for solutions with a local approach. Using modern cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology, we want to make local and sustainable products accessible, so that prosperity can be achieved for everyone.


We plan to make local and sustainable purchases accessible and work towards a society that acknowledges the cultural differences between peoples. One key way we increase access for all is requiring only €2.5 to participate. This ensures more diverse involvement, inviting a range of people to engage with each other and their local societies.


To move pressing worldwide problems closer to a solution, consumers will engage with local connected companies through a new cryptocurrency, the L2L token. This approach allows us to spark a movement centered on smaller-scale, sustainable, and locally produced and distributed goods and services.


Our strategy centers on developing a new payment system by making innovative use of blockchain technology. This system deploys a digital currency that is accessible to everyone, and that provides cash back for local and sustainable purchases.

Core Values

2local aims to make worldwide sustainability and prosperity accessible by eradicating worldwide poverty and hunger, and solving environmental and climate problems. Consumers buying local, sustainable products receive cash back to make subsequent purchases easier.

Explaining Our Core Values Through Balancing Ultimate Polarities: from Competitive Self-Interest to Cooperaive Branding

Competitive Self-Interest

Currently, we are dealing with social, environmental, and climate crises, depletion of natural resources, hunger, malnutrition and poverty, exceptionally high rents and housing prices, and rising healthcare costs. These challenges appear disconnected, but they are all due to the malfunctioning economic and monetary systems of neoliberalism. Despite many concerns, nothing changes! People get desperate and choose a ‘me first’ approach to survival. The feeling of powerlessness has become a mass movement that fuels the crisis and keeps it going.

Cooperative Branding

We feel a pressing need to turn things around now, and we want to transform the disparity between rich and poor. We are ready for a reevaluation of our concept of ‘values’. This starts with envisioning the kind of world we want to live in, and striving for a system that is more sustainable. We want to instill the belief that things can be done differently and better. To change things on a worldwide level, we must start at the local level. In this way, we connect sustainability with prosperity.

Many experiments with a basic income have already been successfully conducted and have shown that people can remain involved in society, even if they have fewer opportunities and live in poverty. 2local aims to provide periodic distributions of L2L tokens up to a certain maximum to all people who have purchased goods and/or services from local companies, or from companies that contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. For example, coffee beans can be organically produced and fairly marketed. This can be made possible by charging a small fee — paid in L2L tokens — for every transaction. In this way, everyone gains access to a specified package of local goods and/or services, and thus, poverty is alleviated. Moreover, the position of people in the labor market becomes stronger. It becomes more attractive to gain new skills through training, and it becomes easier for people to organize their lives as they wish. For example, we support groups of consumers and companies that can withstand the pressure of the industrial system. This forms the basis for a successful coming IEO.

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