MoonDeFi Bounty — Earn Upto 150 MOON $150

Introducing MoonDeFi, a New Part of Decentralized Finance

MoonDeFi is a protocol on Ethereum for swapping ERC20 tokens. Traditionally, token swaps require buyers and sellers to create liquidity; MoonDeFi creates markets automatically. Unlike most exchanges that charge fees, MoonDeFi was designed with a very low fee structure without any fees.

🔥How can I receive the rewards from MOON airdrop & bounty?

1️⃣ Join Airdrop :

2️⃣ Complete all tasks & Submit :

MoonDeFi is carrying out a Token Sale at the moment. Users who would like to participate in MOON Token Sale should visit The details of the MOON Token Sale are as follows:

Symbol: MOON

Token type: ERC-20

Total Sale: 32,000,000 MOON

Pre-Sale (03/12/2020–31/12/2020): 8,000,000 MOON — Price: 0.25 USDT
Public Sale Round 1 (01/01/2021–31/01/2021): 12,000,000 MOON — Price: 0.5 USDT
Public Sale Round 2 (01/02/2021–28/02/2021) : 12,000,000 MOON — Price: 0.75 USDT

Twitter: @moondefi_info

Telegram channel:

Telegram group:

Medium: @moondefigroup

Reddit: @moondefi

Media Contact Details:

Contact Name: MoonDeFi Support

Contact Email:

MoonDeFi Contract & Token Addresses:

Contract: 0x765b2d50dE69219A418383F79a4973568d537F90

Token: 0x71924a8d733ae1bbc18d243e1deb56e767440eb6




Airdrops BMW (Blog Media Write), airdrop hunter, bounty, and giveaways at

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Airdrops BMW

Airdrops BMW

Airdrops BMW (Blog Media Write), airdrop hunter, bounty, and giveaways at

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