🚀 Airdrop: MoonDefi
💰 Value: $ 5
👥 Referral: $5
💸 5 +5 Moon
🏦 Listed on Uniswap
⏰ 1.5 minutes

📖 Step-by-step guide:
1. Talk with the telegram bot
2. Join the telegram chat and channel
3. Follow our Twitter page and retweet pin post

📃 Information
MoonDeFi is a protocol on Ethereum for swapping ERC20 tokens without the need for buyers and sellers to create demand. It does this via an equation that automatically sets and balances the value depending on how much demand there is.

Other upcoming projects:

3️⃣ Earn 12% of direct commission when the referral members purchase MOON during token sale

🕑Do not miss the opportunity to hold MOON tokens with the lowest price in :

🗯Pre-Sale (3 Dec 2020–31 Dec 2020)
8,000,000 MOON — Price: 0.25 USDT



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