MEDICALL — 500 MDC ($40 + ref) 4.1 / 5

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1 min readMay 14, 2019

We at Medicall have a vision to use Blockchain technology to provide both healthcare professionals and patients access to electronic healthcare records via a secure, auditable and safe system.
Medicall is airdropping up to 500 MDC coin ($40) to first 30,000 airdrop participants. Invite your friends and get an additional 100 MDC Coin ($8).

How to join:

  1. Click here to start the Telegram BOT
  2. Join the Telegram Group
  3. Join the Telegram Channel
  4. Join their Sponsor’s Channel
  5. Follow our Twitter account.
  6. Subscribe to their YouTube Channel.
  7. Click through the several buttons in the Telegram BOT and also submit your email and ETH address
  8. Invite friends and earn another 100 MDC.