Lukki Exchange x True PNL

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2 min readOct 3, 2020

True PNL is a public rating platform with a focus on copy trading and transparency traders statistics.

Airdrop Description

We are pleased to announce that Lukki Exchange together with True PNL — public trading platform, launched $1,000,000 AirDrop!

Referral Bonuses

Bonus for attracting a user who will connect the API-Key
Prize: 60% of the prize for the exchange API connections.

Bonus for referral activity
Prize: 20% of the other activities
(API key connection is not taken into account)

The first 1000 users who created public cards on True PNL
Prize: 1000 True PNL Free Access

Terms and Conditions

1. The following partner tokens participate in Lukki x True PNL Air Drop: VIX, MVH, SEOL, TGO, RFX. The prizes are accrued in equal proportions from all tokens.

2. The user can complete basic and additional tasks only once. Referral programs for attracting users are not limited. Tasks can be suspended due to an empty token pool.

3. All activity on tasks should pass in Telegram, through the bot.

4. Token distribution will take place 2 weeks after the Air Drop.

5. Tokens participating in the Air Drop will be credited to the exchange account.

6. All fraud and suspicious actions after Air Drop will be restricted.

7. and True PNL reserve the right to change the conditions of the Air Drop and the charging of tokens participating in it at any time.


  • Sign up to True PNL Prize: $15
  • Sign up to Prize: $15
  • Connection of the Exchange (Binance / Bitmex) API-Key to True PNL (provided the account balance is >0) Prize: $50
  • Subscribe to True PNL Telegram chat Prize: $5
  • Subscribe to Telegram chat Prize: $5
  • Share your public True PNL card on social networks (Facebook or Twitter) Prize: $5
  • Make content about AirDrop (article, video or post in social) Prize: $20
    - Foreign language content welcome
    - The number of content is not limited


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