Lukki Exchange x True PNL

Airdrop Description

We are pleased to announce that Lukki Exchange together with True PNL — public trading platform, launched $1,000,000 AirDrop!


  • Sign up to True PNL Prize: $15
  • Sign up to Prize: $15
  • Connection of the Exchange (Binance / Bitmex) API-Key to True PNL (provided the account balance is >0) Prize: $50
  • Subscribe to True PNL Telegram chat Prize: $5
  • Subscribe to Telegram chat Prize: $5
  • Share your public True PNL card on social networks (Facebook or Twitter) Prize: $5
  • Make content about AirDrop (article, video or post in social) Prize: $20
    - Foreign language content welcome
    - The number of content is not limited


Telegram Account



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