Gath3r — New Cryptocurrency web-miner

Having your own website can be a rather rewarding hobby or even a full-time business for some to scavenge dollar coins, tips and tricks into a precise marketing strategy to make the site popular or at least have hundreds of pageviews.

Another strategy that is no less complicated is to advertise, why? Advertising as a way to pay the bills and reward their efforts, but it does come at a cost. Sites like bloggers, news sites and niche publishers rely on the impressions served from Advertising.

As ads continue to annoy users ad blockers have grown in popularity with Brave Browser leading the way in Ad free internet browsing.

Then added the problem with crypto jacking at first was many sites using the tech did not fully disclose this to users or allow them to opt in and donate their extra computing power as a way to reward the site owner.

Then came the Gath3r that allowed websites to mine cryptocurrency while they spent time on browsing the site.

Gath3r is building a cryptocurrency web-miner, developed to solve website dependence on advertising revenue by offering an alternative form of monetization, to offer website owners the ability to monetise their site and reduce their need for ads and provide a better experience to their users where content is the focus of the site.

Which is why the team at Gath3r felt that this was a task that could be solved by using refined tokenomics to create a website monetisation economy that works for all parties involved.

So quite clear Gath3r is aim to take on the task of revamping web monetisation by taking the promising parts of crypto jacking and adding a few new features to make it a more appealing option for web owners.

Gath3r will be having an IEO! The IEO will be held in the second half of July. Don’t forget to visit the link below as additional resources and look out for upcoming updates.

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