SafePost, the Future of E-Mails

SafePost is a decentralized encrypted messaging platform based on Open Source technology using among others the blockchain. This technology gives you the guarantee that the algorithms are safe and have no back door.

SafePost allows you to exchange messages and documents in a safe & efficient way with your contacts.

1. No more unsolicited e-mails: you only receive posts from contacts you wish to be connected with.
2. No more missed e-mails: you are notified every time you receive a new mail.
3. No more phishing e-mails.
4. No more wrongly classified junk mails while they are ok.
5. No possibility for an outside person (hackers, SafePost team, …) to read your messages and documents.

Your messages & documents are encrypted before being sent to SafePost. They are then stored in a decentralized SafePost database accessible in high availability. No ads, no statistics. Your messages & documents remain confidential: NO THIRD PARTY, including the SafePost team, can neither decrypt nor read them.

Get 4500 STAMP tokens (~4.5 EUR) for completing some easy social media tasks.

  1. Register on SafePost’s Website
  2. Verfiy your email. (+1000 STAMP)
  3. Click on ‘’Bounties’’ on your dashboard and join, follow & like SafePost on their social channels (optional). You will earn 500 STAMP per social channel, with a total of 3.500 STAMP.

Here are the links of SafePost’s social media channels:
Website :
Discord :
Facebook :
LinkedIn :
Reddit :
Telegram :
Twitch :
Twitter :

Marketplaces include:
P2PB2B :
VinDAX :

Meet SafePost: for a new era free of spam and fraudulent emails!