Free Daily Bonuses and Prizes With Overbit Rewards Hub

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Oct 31, 2020


Overbit Rewards Hub is now live and caters to different missions, tasks and activities for traders to win Bonuses, Tier Points and even cash (in BTC or USDT) on a daily basis!

With the rollout of Overbit Rewards Hub, traders now can enjoy and earn while at play!

Joining Overbit Rewards Hub is as Easy as ABC.
It only takes 3 steps to join Overbit Rewards Hub.

Step 1: Go to and log in to your account.
Step 2: Select ‘Rewards’ on the left side of the trading platform.
Step 3: Enter Overbit Rewards Hub and start the fun.

Everyday Fun For Traders to Participate.
There are 3 options to win different types of crypto rewards!

Events , Missions , Daily Check In

To know more about Rewards Hub, please check this blog post.

Thanks for your support.

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