FREE 100 JFT BY Justswap Airdrop

Justswap Finance Token(JFT)is a TRON-based Defi token published by Justswap community members,Revolutionary liquidity mining technology has been adopted by JFT system(DEX+AMM+Uniswap),benefit from TRON network high incidence TPS,Swap performance achieved 6 million/sec

So Simple — Highly Recommended​ just submit your ETH or TRX address ASAP (TRX Address is recommended)

➤ Reward 100 JFT — » 0.08/JFT (100 x 0.08 = 8 USDT)
➤ Already listed on Justex Exchange (
➤ Airdrop rewards will be distributed to your wallet on 1st Novemver 2020

➤ Registration link :

The airdrop deadline is 30 OCT 2020, airdrop rewards will be automatically send on 1 NOV 2020

Today is the last day for registration, tomorrow is distribution.