Featured Airdrop OF Origin Protocol (OGN)

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1 min readJan 13, 2020


Origin is the first peer-to-peer marketplace built entirely on the blockchain. OGN tokens can be used on the platform in many ways.

Airdrop : Origin Protocol (OGN)
Reward : Up to 1,000 OGN (~$500) + referral bonus
Rating : Good / Excellent — Binance listing

Note : project will be listed on Binance on January 9. 1,000 OGN seems to be worth ~$500. They will hit Binance at 1 OGN = 0.5 USDT.

How to claim:

1. Visit the Origin airdrop page and click on “Sign up now”.
2. Now connect your crypto wallet like Metamask or Dapper wallet.
3. Download the Origin App and import your connected wallet.
4. Click on “Earn Origin Tokens” from the homepage and complete your profile.
5. Now click on “Yes! Sign me up” to join the rewards campaign.
6. Click on “Verifications” from the campaign page and verify any 3 social accounts.