Blockscart Referral: Earn for sharing

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3 min readApr 8, 2019


Hey Blockscarter’s and the wider Crypto Communities.

Today we dive in to the Blockscart referral program or affiliate to some where you can earn Cryptocurrency (BLXS) for getting new users to join us and list products or services on the Blockscart marketplace.


There are a few ways you can earn Cryptocurrency for helping us expand and grow our user base.

The best options are:

1: Sharing your referral/affiliate link to your friends, family and communities.

2: Adding your link to a banner or signature

By sharing around your link and getting people to join, you will earn BLXS in the dollar value. This is paid on a monthly basis.


1: $2.50 (25 BLXS) for every user who signs up through your referral link.

2: $1 (10 BLXS) for every user who signs up through your referral link and lists something. (one listing only per user and listing must be real).

3: $0.10 (1 BLXS) for every listing purchased by the users who signed up through you.

4: $0.10 (1 BLXS) for every listing that’s sold by the users who signed up through you.

5: $0.10 (1 BLXS) for every featured listing the users create on the platform. ($100 maximum).

Remember, our platform is free to list anything you want and you can earn 100% of your sales when choosing BLXS as payout method.

Our aim is the reach as many people as possible to help them enjoy the benefits of buying and selling with Cryptocurrencies.

The benefits of us all to bring Cryptocurrency closer to real world use case and towards a common goal of a fee-free marketplace.


It is important we let you all know that for the referral program we are using cookies. We are using an IP software tool that stops fake accounts, multiple accounts from the same IP address and a confirmation email requirement that is sent to each email registered.

The system also checks for activity on that user to see the length of time spent and uses an algorithm to confirm whether it is real or not.

Of course, we want you to earn as much as possible and to make this possible, we will be using BLXS as the method of reward where we will set aside a maximum of 500,000 BLXS worth $50,000 for the referral program. We value BLXS at $0.10 per BLXS token.

Payouts are made once a month to your Waves wallet that will be requested via email along with a basic KYC.

Help us get to a nice figure where each of you can all enjoy the benefits of buying and selling products or services with Cryptocurrency without exchange conversion fees or lower exchange rates you find through cards.

For now, keep up to date and help us reach new members and followers by sharing our medium posts.

We need our community to help us grow and help us Buidl the ecosystem.

Team Blockscart: Join us and start earning.