BigBang Core Airdrop Event $10,000 for Grabs

The BigBang Core Airdrop Event is now officially open!

By Participate in the BigBang Core airdrop, you can share $ 10,000 worth of BBC token awards!

All users who have completed the BigBang Core Social tasks are eligible to share $10,000 worth of BBC token awards. By the end of the event, The Team will distribute the airdrop award to the Bittrex Global accounts of all eligible users.

Participants must complete all 6 airdrop tasks and submit their Bittrex Global account in the event dashboard before the event closes to receive their awards.

1. Register on (Login — My Events — BigBang Core)
2. Join BigBang Official Telegram
3. Follow BigBang Official Twitter
4. Sign up on Bittrex the Global Official Website and Complete KYC
5. Join Bittrex Global Official Telegram
6. Follow Bittrex Global Official Twitter

Participants who have STPT staking balance on Blockzone before the event closes will receive 2x the amount of their STPT airdrop awards.

About BigBang Core

For tackling the issues of transaction delay and expandability, BigBang Core have introduced a tree-based blockchain system, which perfectly combines Internet of Things with blockchain. It’s a system on a peer-to-peer network which maintains blockchain in a decentralized manner. This tree-based structure enables you to expand the branched chains to an infinite extent, taking concurrency and transaction extensibility to a whole new level. Moreover, not only will it maintain data exchange and mutual trust among systems in a heterogeneous environment, but will also form a solid foundation for future complicated Internet of Things’ business models.

More info about Project Overview of BigBang Core.




Airdrops BMW (Blog Media Write), airdrop hunter, bounty, and giveaways at

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Airdrops BMW

Airdrops BMW

Airdrops BMW (Blog Media Write), airdrop hunter, bounty, and giveaways at

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