Vera is for everyone.

Vera is the most powerful open financial platform for non-fungible token (NFT) assets. Vera offers decentralized financing, leasing, lending, and other essential financial services for any NFT marketplace, game, or application. Founded in 2021 and backed by notable investors in the decentralized fintech space such as Animoca Brands (leader in blockchain gaming and NFTs; key investor in Axie Infinity, Open Sea, Dapper Labs, CryptoKitties, and much more) and the Web3 Foundation, Vera’s mission is simple: To build open, secure, and powerful NFT financial products that are equally available to everyone everywhere.

Financial services for NFT assets…

Currently at the time of posting this article one EIFI token is trading on pancake swap for over $74

Check it out here

That’s basically $74 for FREE for creating a account and $74 for every free referral

Here are 3 ways you can accumulate more and more EIFI
1) Start Trading on pancake swap in little amounts — buy low sell high and repeat !

To get started on pancake swap , you need some BNB on smart chain which you can purchase using your credit cards etc on

Once you have BNB , you can purchase…

SuperBull Finance™ (SBULL) is the world’s leading decentralized digital NFT marketplace. We provide the most secure and convenient way to create, buy, sell, explore and trade various virtual products (NFTs) — to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Project Name: SuperBull Finance

Abbreviation: SBULL

Token type: BEP-20

Total supply: 10,000,000 SBULL

Official Website:


🪂 SuperBull Finance Airdrop ($SBULL)
💰 $10,000 worth of $SBULL for 2,000 Participants

📖 Step-by-step guide :
⚡️Step 1: Follow SuperBull Finance Twitter and Retweet pinned post.
⚡️Step 2: Join the SuperBull Finance Telegram group
⚡️Step 3: Write a promotional post about SuperBull Finance freely on BSCScan, Medium, or Twitter.
⚡️Step 4: Create a link to your promotional post
⚡️Step 5: Submit your BEP20 wallet address and details.
⚡️Step 6: Please fill out the google form

Pollo Finance Group is running a special promotion to commemorate the launch of Pollo Basic Income, giving away a total of 50 BNB.

The massive promotion will begin in April and end on May 5, 2021 at 12 p.m. (UTC).

Anyone who deposits at least 10 $PoFi into the pool will be eligible for a BNB draw.

Procedure for Participation:

  • Purchase $PoFi for sale on Polloswap.
  • Obtain access to the Shares pool.
  • Make a deposit in the $PoFi pool with your $PoFi.
  • Retweet the following tweet with a quote >
  • At the end, fill out the google form >


Farsite is a blockchain-powered sandbox MMO RTS game with elements of adventure in a sci-fi setting based on a post-apocalyptic the-story.

A persistent universe where every item is created and owned by players as ensured on a distributed ledger featuring revolutionary cNFT (collateralized non-fungible tokens) concept to enable:

🚀Staking native ERC-20 to create NFTs
🚀Collateralized loans to leverage production
🚀Granted insurance for ERC-20 backed NFTs
🚀Interest-bearing deflationary token


Complete tasks and spread the world about the project to receive Scores. …

🚀 Airdrop: MoonDefi
💰 Value: $ 5
👥 Referral: $5
💸 5 +5 Moon
🏦 Listed on Uniswap
⏰ 1.5 minutes

📖 Step-by-step guide:
1. Talk with the telegram bot
2. Join the telegram chat and channel
3. Follow our Twitter page and retweet pin post

📃 Information
MoonDeFi is a protocol on Ethereum for swapping ERC20 tokens without the need for buyers and sellers to create demand. It does this via an equation that automatically sets and balances the value depending on how much demand there is.

Other upcoming projects:

3️⃣ Earn 12% of direct commission when the referral members purchase MOON during token sale

🕑Do not miss the opportunity to hold MOON tokens with the lowest price in :

🗯Pre-Sale (3 Dec 2020–31 Dec 2020)
8,000,000 MOON — Price: 0.25 USDT

The BigBang Core Airdrop Event is now officially open!

By Participate in the BigBang Core airdrop, you can share $ 10,000 worth of BBC token awards!

All users who have completed the BigBang Core Social tasks are eligible to share $10,000 worth of BBC token awards. By the end of the event, The Team will distribute the airdrop award to the Bittrex Global accounts of all eligible users.

Participants must complete all 6 airdrop tasks and submit their Bittrex Global account in the event dashboard before the event closes to receive their awards.

1. Register on (Login — My…

Introducing MoonDeFi, a New Part of Decentralized Finance

MoonDeFi is a protocol on Ethereum for swapping ERC20 tokens. Traditionally, token swaps require buyers and sellers to create liquidity; MoonDeFi creates markets automatically. Unlike most exchanges that charge fees, MoonDeFi was designed with a very low fee structure without any fees.

🔥How can I receive the rewards from MOON airdrop & bounty?

1️⃣ Join Airdrop :

2️⃣ Complete all tasks & Submit :

MoonDeFi is carrying out a Token Sale at the moment. Users who would like to participate in MOON Token Sale should visit …

BlingFinance is a new cross-chain crypto DeFi project.

💎 *Till December 31st*💎
🔹 Connect your ETH wallet and purchase BLING here

Contract :


🔥Public Sale Price: 1 ETH = 250 $BLING

🔥Uniswap Listing Price: 1 ETH = 200 $BLING

🦄Uniswap listing and Liquidity locked after public sale ends

Also dont forget contest by BLING Community , Win up to $3,000 in Tokens and 0.1 BTC to get Started on BLING Network. Be quick!

To learn more about $BLING please check out these links:

More info :
Telegram Group:
Website :

Captain Bitcoin is a blockchain hero sharing the power of cryptocurrency with people like you. The founders and many of the core team have been active in the blockchain space for a few years now and feel there are no products designed specifically to drive Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption. To tackle this, they came up with Captain Bitcoin, a platform that gives away thousands of dollars worth of Bitcoin daily, simply for watching videos and does so, in a fun and exciting manner. Looking to learn more??

$10,000 worth of $CAPT + $100 BTC will be distributed
Rewards Up to…

Airdrops BMW

Airdrops BMW (Blog Media Write), airdrop hunter, bounty, and giveaways at

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