5,000 members And 4.6 Million Trons In Fund !

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Oct 20, 2020


Hi Tron Hodlers,

You recently clicked on one of our promo emails regarding a decentrazlied community fund on Tron Blockchain which is growing by leaps and bounds and helping close to 5,000 people now earn daily 2 % in passive income

It’s called Tron3X.Io

They just crossed 4.6 million in community fund

and almost 5,000 paid members

The best part is that they are fully decentralized and everything can be verified on tron Blockchain

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This is the easiest money you will ever make as all you got to really do is

deposit trons and start making 2 % daily passive income upto 300 % total profits So if you deposit 10,000 trons for example you will start making 200 trons daily till total profits reach 30,000 trons

If you decide to refer people and build a team — then you can make additional

10 levels of income or more

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Is Tron3X A Scam? Check out this review about Tron3X.

Until now, I can still withdraw 2 TRX for a deposit of 100 tron every day (24hours).

while i have TRX, try it first.